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Mexico’s National Soccer Team takes a stand against homophobia in football

Racial and homophobic slurs can too often be heard in the sweaty, adrenaline-fueled, and hyper-masculine world of sports, but Mexico’s national soccer team is taking a stand. 
In one of the first campaigns of its kind, El Tri players are speaking out against their own fans over the use of anti-gay chants in their games. The team recently launched an anti-discrimination initiative, dubbed “Abrazados por el Fútbol” — which roughly translates to “Let’s hug for football” or “Embrace for football” — to encourage its fans to be more inclusive.

“Abrazados por el Fútbol!”

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Kit Williamson is forging new ground in Hollywood

Kit Williamson is a very busy man. Not only did he just tie the knot with co-star John Holbach amid the natural beauty of Joshua Tree National Forest, he’s just completed two new projects, and to his astonishment, his digital drama Eastsiders, was just nominated for two daytime Emmy’s, “Yeah, I had no idea what to expect so I was very pleasantly surprised,” he said.

Eastsiders gets an Emmy nomination.

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P!nk to release new track on April 15

We haven’t heard anything from P!nk lately, but that will all change on April 15 when she will release a new song called “Just Like Fire,” for the upcoming release of Disney sequel Alice Through the Looking Glass.”
The original song is written by the artist, who has been busy with her family life and absent from radio top twenty for three years.
This will also be the first time P!nk has penned an original song for a motion picture, and she says, “That’s one of the more exciting things I’ve ever done in my life.”

P!nk will release new song “Just Like Fire” mid-April.

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Man allegedly kills son because he was gay

SAN FERNANDO, Ca – A Los Angeles man was arrested on Friday for killing his son; 29-year-old Amir Issa. It’s being reported that the motive behind the incident was that the victim was gay.
The Los Angeles Police Department announced that Shehada Khalil Issa, 69, the victim’s father, was charged with premeditated murder on April 1.

Los Angeles man arrested for murder: killing son because he was gay.

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5 tools that get me motivated

It’s not just starting a workout program that can be challenging, but even once begun sometimes you just can’t seem to get moving that day. Being in the gym, and wanting to take the easy way through your session, is another version of this same slump.
So what to do?
I have clients who think that because my body looks a certain way, or because Fitness is my industry, that I must LOVE to train. Or, that finding the motivation to get through a workout isn’t something I struggle with; this couldn’t be further from the truth.
We all come up against walls in training.

It can be hard to stay motivated, but you can trick yourself into overdrive.

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Website turns porn to corn for April Fool’s Day

This may be the only day a pornographic site will be SFW.
The highly popular adult website Pornhub has turned itself into Cornhub, and instead of videos featuring men and women in the buff has instead created images of, you guessed it, corn.
From freshly picked corn, to butter soaked niblets, the site is pranking the entire internet with its vegetable photos for April Fool’s day.
Salty videos titled “Young Hot Corn Gets Plowed,” “Slob on the Cob, and “Full Cobs Totally Peeled,” are bountiful on the site’s main page.

Produce gets hardcore with April Fool’s prank.

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Miami attack caught on camera, possible hate crime

Jordan Schaeffer and his boyfriend Eric Danko, both 25, just wanted to share in moment of affection as they kissed each other in a Miami Burger King.
This apparently enraged another male patron who decided to confront Schaeffer with physical force.
The whole incident was recently released by the police department via video surveillance which was taken at 3 am, March 14, the night of the attack.
Although there is no sound on the recording, Schaeffer told CBS Miami that he feels the assault was a hate crime because the assailant used, “derogatory words.”

A gay couple visiting Miami are attacked inside a fast food restaurant.

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Hornblower yacht crashes into dock; captured on video

Like a scene from the movie Speed 2: Cruise Control, on Thursday, just before 1 pm, one of San Diego’s most popular sightseeing ocean excursions, Hornblower Yachts, crashed into the wharf near Broadway pier.
The whole thing was caught on video.
The Adventure Hornblower can be seen coming in at a very rapid pace, as onlookers seem to be unaware that the ship is not going to stop.

Popular San Diego ocean tour yacht full of passengers cannot stop, hits embankment.

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Dining Out For Life San Diego update: Napizza in at 50%!

Where Will YOU Be for Dining Out For Life®?
Tell us where you’ll be for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner during Dining Out For Life® San Diego on Thursday, April 28 – and help us invite San Diegans to come out for this incredible day-long event!
This year, Councilmember Chris Cate & staff are having breakfast at The Mission – SOMA; Wells Fargo PRIDE will be at Napizza – Hillcrest for lunch and the Young Professionals Council (YPC) will be there for dinner; and Fellowship of Older Gays (FOG) plans to enjoy dinner at Adam’s Avenue Grill.

Napizza – Little Italy and Napizza – Hillcrest will join the 10th annual Dining Out For Life® San Diego on Thursday, April 28 and they have generously decided to donate 50% of their proceeds. By doing so, Napizza owner Giulia Colmignoli hopes to raise HIV awareness, strengthen local HIV services and encourage people to access HIV services.

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Meet the bachelors: SDGMC charity bachelor auction to be held Sunday at Flicks

It’s the most anticipated Sunday Funday of the year! This Sunday, April 3 starting at 4 pm at Flicks is the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus (SDGMC) Annual Bachelor Auction offering a chance to bid on and win a date with one of San Diego’s most handsome, charming and talented singers.
Bachelors include SDGMC members, popular community personalities and special guest celebrity American Idol finalist Keith London. Hosted by the fabulous Landa Plenty, all proceeds benefit the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus.

Check out profiles of the 15 gentlemen participating in this year’s San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus Bachelor Auction!

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B-52s concert to raise money for San Diego AIDS memorial

The San Diego Memorial AIDS Task Force is bringing back the 80’s for their summer concert on Sunday, August, 14.
The B-52’s will take the stage along with other new wave favorites The Fixx and The English Beat at Embarcadero Marina Park South to benefit the men and women whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS.
This special concert is being held to raise money for a permanent AIDS memorial in San Diego.

The 80’s make a comeback in San Diego for AIDS memorial.

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Laughing at the absurdities of black homophobia

For many LGBTQs across the nation-especially those of us of African descent-we have been breathlessly waiting for Robert O’Hara’s “BootyCandy” to come to our cities.
“BootyCandy” has finally come to Boston, and each show has been a sold-out performance.
“BootyCandy” is O’Hara’s thinly veiled coming-out story of growing up African American and gay. And the narrative is told in the voice of the character named Sutter.

You leave “BootyCandy” knowing O’Hara’s journey was difficult – like that of so many LGBTQ of African descent.

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REVIEW: Rain: A Tribute To The Beatles

Okay, I’d better admit this upfront: I was never a Beatles fan, especially not at the beginning when their songs all sounded alike and were all too loud.
They got better in later years, in my opinion, but I never understood what they were singing, so I don’t know whether the songs have interesting content or not. But at least they got musically more complex.
I went to the “Rain” show hoping to be disabused of my hopelessly backward notions and maybe even be bowled over by the group’s brashness and musical improvisation.

“Rain: A Tribute To The Beatles” plays through April 3, 2016 at the Balboa Theatre in Horton Plaza.

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