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The Progressive ‘Legend Of Korra’ Finale Was A Win For Fans Everywhere

“Legend of Korra” Finale Spoilers!

Fan shippers rejoice!

“The Legend of Korra,” Nickelodeon’s sequel to “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” has come to a close in a big way. The series ended following the release of its two-part finale, “Day Of The Colossus”/“The Last Stand,” which you can find online at Nick. And fan shippers everywhere don’t want to miss this one.

For those who don’t know, a fan ship is a made-up relationship between characters that’s usually supported in fan art or fan fiction but rarely ever actually happens; however, that may have just changed.

After the threat from Kuvira is handled, the series closes on Korra and Asami holding hands and going off into the spirit world together. Then Korrasami supporters around the world let out a scream of joy. The fan ship finally seems to be official.

The last scene of the series is surprising given comments made by “Korra” creator Bryan Konietzko to The Wall Street Journal saying fans like to make up relationships but are “disinterested” in seeing those actually happen. Also, keep in mind that this is a Nick show. Putting a same-sex relationship in a cartoon is a pretty progressive move.

Despite everything working against it, Korrasami has been one of the most supported fan-wanted relationships on the web, and the show has had hints fans have been all over. The biggest perhaps being the letters the pair exchanged in Season 4, which shows how close the characters have become. iDigitalTimes points out, even the voice of Korra herself, Janet Varney, was a supporter of the two getting together.

With the ending, “Korra” comes to a close in a way that can please supporters of the relationship and still keep things innocent. Even so, some Korrasami fans took things a step further with this fan-made extended ending:

And now balance has been restored to the Internet.

Best Tweets: What Women Said On Twitter This Week

The holiday season is officially here. Mary Charlene is definitely in the Christmas spirit, tweeting: “My ugly Christmas sweater perfectly matches my ugly personality.” Oh.. adorable.

Twitter user Tammy is celebrating a bit differently this year, tweeting, “Tequila has never made my clothes fall off. // Challenge accepted.” Sounds like a great way to ditch that ugly sweater.

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My favorite Christmas carol is the one where they blame the weather for their social anxiety and just stay home.

— (maura) (@behindyourback) December 18, 2014

[During Interview]
“Do you have any questions?”
– Yeah, inTitanic why did Jack sink when he died but everyone else floated?

— Jamie Lynn (@Jay_FrickinLynn) December 14, 2014

“this salad is really hitting the spot”
– no one ever

— Carly Ledbetter (@ledbettercarly) December 15, 2014

my ugly Christmas sweater perfectly matches my ugly personality

— Mary Charlene (@IamEnidColeslaw) December 17, 2014

I’m Irish on my mom’s side, narcissistic maniac on my dad’s.

— Shalyah Evans (@ShalyahEvans) December 17, 2014

Just got sent a bottle of red wine and a blanket at work, because apparently someone wants me to accomplish nothing today.

— Emma Gray (@emmaladyrose) December 16, 2014

“I had to wonder.. are our girlfriends our real soul mates, and males are just biological accidents?” – me if I was a popular dating blogger

— Callie Beusman (@cal_beu) December 16, 2014

Home for the Honda Days

— shelby fero (@shelbyfero) December 16, 2014

I am in my own clique, just me, myself, and all my other personalities

— Feeds On Your Soul (@tiemespankme) December 17, 2014


Because the world needs yet another derivative of assholes.

— ALICE (@In_Twittaland) December 15, 2014

Always hated Merry-Go-Rounds.

I can go nowhere in my own life.
And not get nauseous doing it.

— Ginger (@GingerJ17) December 16, 2014

Plug the coffee maker into an Ethernet hub to see what happens.
Not (too) much.

— ~Tweety~ (@XAIMMadellynne) December 15, 2014

I’ve noticed that my last hour at work is usually spent coming up with different reasons as to why I can’t cook dinner when I get home.

— NotTHATSheila (@peb671) December 16, 2014

You know you’re tired when you drop something and negotiate with yourself how badly you need it…before you bend down to pick it up.

— blondie (@Blonde4Dayz) December 16, 2014

Who called it “twittercide” and not “doing something productive and meaningful with your life?”

— protolalia (@protolalia) December 17, 2014

Those stick figures on the back of cars represent what’s in there?

*Attaches pics of dried cheese sticks, 13 random socks & biohazard sign*

— Marl beans (@Marlebean) December 16, 2014

The amount of times you tell yourself it doesn’t matter is directly proportional to how much it does.

— Ann (@writerPT) December 16, 2014

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why. Life gets worse when you’re an adult.

— Tweets by Dreidel (@OhNoSheTwitnt) December 17, 2014

Tequila has never made my clothes fall off

Challenge accepted

— Tammy (@OkieGirl405) December 16, 2014

“whale” is the weakest insult ever. oh, i have a giant brain and rule the sea with my majesty? what have you accomplished lately, steve?

— Lindy West (@thelindywest) December 19, 2014

Imagine me, sexting you.
More sitting on the toilet.

— NickyNackyNoo (@BritishNicx) October 10, 2014

Ways to get me to fall in love with you:

1. Be a donut.

— The Alicianater (@leechee420) December 19, 2014

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