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Saturday, July 23, 2016

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Harnessing Our Outrage

“…Later that night I held an atlas in my lap ran my fingers across the whole world and whispered where does it hurt? it answered everywhere everywhere everywhere” —Warsan Shire   Two days after a sniper killed five Dallas police officers, this poem, by expat Somali poet Warsan Shire, who came to world’s attention when…

Renaissance Faire will serve Drag and Rocky Horror

When you think of a Renaissance Faire, images of bodices, turkey legs and jousting come to mind. But have you ever seen a Renaissance Drag Show or a Renaissance Rocky Horror Shadow Cast (live performers, along with the movie)? This year, the Washingto…

Meet Mike Pence He hates you

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer

Donald Trump’s rollout of his vice presidential pick Mike Pence did not go well.

After tweeting the announcement on July 15, Trump reportedly dithered all night, considering if he could take it back before he and P…

Norovirus adds to GOP shitshow

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer

At least a dozen staffers from California’s delegation to the Republican National Convention have been quarantined, and the entire 550-member delegation has been warned not to shake hands, share food, or use delegati…

Australian HIV/AIDS groups declare ‘end of AIDS’

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer

The AIDS epidemic is over in Australia, according to a coalition of the country’s leading HIV/AIDS organizations.

The Australian Federation of AIDS Organizations (AFAO) said in a July 10 press release that the numb…

Bar Republican pols from restrooms, Caitlyn Jenner says

by Mike Andrew – SGN Staff Writer

Speaking at a Republican ‘Big Tent Brunch’ event on July 20, Caitlyn Jenner suggested barring Republican officeholders from public restrooms as a safety measure.

‘Over the last few years, we have three Republican s…

A Gentleman’s Guide – A killer comedy

by Eric Andrews-Katz – SGN AandE Writer

Through July 31

There is the theory that everyone plots revenge at some time in his or her life. It is safe to say that very few (except for Sweeney To…

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