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Why Marriage Equality Is Important for Mississippi

Why is marriage equality so important? I want you to ask yourself, “What if I walked into the Circuit Clerks office to apply for a marriage license and I was denied because of the gender of my fiancé?” In a moment you are stripped of your rights, your dreams and even your dignity because the State that you call home treats you as a second-class citizen, and says that your family doesn’t count.
U.S District Judge Carlton W. Reeves recently ruled that Mississippi’s ban on same-sex marriage was indeed unconstitutional. Our state officials quickly appealed this decision to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, where another hearing took place earlier this month. While we wait in Mississippi to hear from the 5th Circuit, the U.S Supreme Court has announced they will hear cases on this issue. Either way, we expect marriage equality by summer from a 5th Circuit decision or from the Supreme Court.
Although we expect marriage equality from the court systems, which makes us equal in the eyes of the law, it is also important that we achieve equality in the eyes of our fellow human and our society.
We don’t have to agree and no one is asking anyone to change his or her beliefs, after all freedom of religion is another inalienable right that should be afforded to all citizens. We just want to have the same God-given rights and respect as everyone else and we want our lives and our families to, not only be equal, but to matter.
Why is marriage equality important? Because people are important, all people. You don’t have to approve of ones life to accept them as equal. You don’t have to agree with same-sex marriage to respect others’ freedoms. If God afforded humanity the freedom to choose, who are we to deny that right to anyone, regardless of race, gender, religion, social status or yes, even orientation.
What if you woke up one day and suddenly everything around you was different? What if everything that protected you and your family were abruptly stripped away? Your freedom, your dignity and even your marriage were null and void. What if the Constitution of The United States no longer applied to you? This may sound outlandish to you, but it is the harsh reality for many of us. Although I was born into the Land of the Free, my freedom is limited because of who I love.
Equality, quite literally, means to be equal. Equal in rights, status and opportunities. This is what our great country was founded upon. Many battles have been fought for, what is supposed to be, a God-given right; that right is freedom. Freedom is something that most people take for granted, unless you lose it, or you were never afforded those rights in the first place.
You may have heard the derogatory cliché “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” Each time I hear this, I am indeed reminded of the first family and the events that took place in the Garden of Eden. God undeniably created Adam and then, as I like to jokingly say, He improved the situation by creating Eve; this is the biblical foundation and argument that many people use to justify the denial of marriage equality. But God did something else in that garden that most people forget; He gave humanity the freedom of choice.
As we await the ruling on marriage equality in Mississippi I ask you to step back and ask yourself, “What if?”

Desert AIDS Project Gala Inspires the World to <em>#IMAGINEnoAIDS</em>; Mario Cantone Hosts

Producers of the always-poignant, forever-important Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards, which take place in Palm Springs, California each year to benefit Desert AIDS Project, have the whole community (and the people we reach worldwide) truly imagining a world without HIV/AIDS, by championing #IMAGINEnoAIDS. If you come across this episode prior to February 7th, 2015, attend this year’s gala at the Palm Springs Convention Center. In this episode of Nicholas Snow Live, I preview this year’s event and bring some of my Steve Chase Best of the Red Carpet Interviews from past events with Greg Louganis, Melissa Etheridge, Suzanne Sommers, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Lucy Arnaz, Larry Luckinbill, Lorna Luft, Megan Hilty and Mathew Morrison.2015-01-30-SteveChase.jpgCheck Out Current Events Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with SnowbizNow on BlogTalkRadio
Listen to this episode of Nicholas Snow Live on the BlogTalkRadio Network.Download Nicholas Snow Live podcasts for free from iTunes.And here’s a related video featuring Desert AIDS Project Board Chairperson Barbara Keller and Board Member Jim Casey, co-chairs of the Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards to take place Saturday, February 7th, 2015, in Palm Springs:
Here are official details about the 2015 Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards released by Desert AIDS Project:As the signature fundraiser for Desert AIDS Project (D.A.P.), the Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards last year raised more than $1.4 million for client services. Desert AIDS Project (D.A.P.) serves people living with HIV and AIDS by providing comprehensive support, including medical care, case management, and social services, like food, housing, and counseling. D.A.P. also offers free and confidential HIV testing at a number of locations throughout the communities it serves.
The generosity and philanthropy of Helene Galen has helped to sustain many a nonprofit organization in the desert communities, including Desert AIDS Project. Although one of the ways she’s supported D.A.P. is through her long-standing sponsorship of one of the awards given at the Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards, on February 7th, it will be Ms. Galen receiving the 100 Women Award for 2015.
Her counterpart receiving the 2015 Partners for Life Award will be Dave Morgan, president of Reaction Marketing & Promotions, which created and has produced and presented the increasingly-popular Dancing with the Desert Stars event for four years. The recently-staged 4th Annual “Dancing” event raised nearly $65,000 for the 100 Women and Partners for Life annual giving programs at D.A.P.
The 2015 Science and Medicine Award recipient will be Dr. Michael Gottlieb, a physician and immunologist best known for his identification of AIDS as a new disease with the first diagnoses in June 1981. Gottlieb was famously Rock Hudson’s doctor, following the actor’s AIDS diagnosis until his death in 1985, as well as physician to the namesake of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, which shares with Desert AIDS Project the distinction of being named a “Top 20 HIV/AIDS Charity” for both 2013 and 2014.
Barbara Keller, D.A.P. board chair and co-chair of the organization’s signature annual fundraiser, explains, “These honorees could not more richly deserve their individual recognition.”
Jim Casey, gala co-chair and president/CEO of presenting sponsor Integrated Wealth Management added, “We’re also beyond delighted to have the hysterically funny Mario Cantone as our emcee for the evening…and we might as well add that Broadway sensation Shoshana Bean will be the evening’s featured performer.”
Mandy Moore gave all the right moves to Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in the Oscar-nominated film Silver Linings Playbook. Remember that dance that captured their tortured love story … the one that was equal parts clumsy, romantic, and touching? Mandy will give that same delicate touch to the featured dance sequences at the 21st Annual Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards held Saturday, February 7, at the Palm Springs Convention Center.
The gripping story of a couple living with HIV combines the talents of Scott Alan, whose songs have been sung by Broadway’s elite, with the creative direction of Live It Up! Productions president Trini Garza and his co-creative director Brandon Alameda. Trini and Brandon teamed up with Scott to write a very tender story that will be told throughout the evening of the gala.
The moves, though, come courtesy of Mandy Moore. She’s directed huge production numbers on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. She also created Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour. Mandy both directed and choreographed the movie-cum-Broadway musical, The Wedding Singer. At “The Steve Chase,” she will be directing the So You Think You Can Dance All-Stars.
All of the work that Mandy, her dancers, and the other entertainers – Shoshana Bean, Scott Alan, and the evening’s emcee, popular comic actor Mario Cantone – perform for the gala help celebrate giants in AIDS research, treatment, volunteering, and philanthropy. Moreover, it raises funds needed to provide the comprehensive and compassionate care that Desert AIDS Project offers our friends and neighbors in Riverside County living with HIV and AIDS.
Staging a glamorous evening that entertains and informs the Coachella Valley about HIV – so we can support those with this harsh and angry disease – is an important chapter in the D.A.P. silver linings playbook.
To learn more about Desert AIDS Project, please call 760-323-2118, visit desertaidsproject.org or find them on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
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Benedict Cumberbatch Joins Call To Overturn Gay Convictions

Benedict Cumberbatch has joined the call for overturning “indecency” convictions handed down to gay men like war hero Alan Turing, whom he portrays in the film “Imitation Game.”
Turing was a computer scientist and mathematician who helped crack the Nazi naval code known as “Enigma” during World War II, leading to the Allied victory. Turing was also gay, and in 1952 was prosecuted for his sexual orientation under the U.K.’s indecency laws. Instead of jail time, Turing chose chemical castration. He died by suicide in 1954, and his “crime” was pardoned by Queen Elizabeth II in 2013.
Last week, after a screening of “The Imitation Game” at London’s Ham Yard Hotel, comedian Stephen Fry called for pardons for thousands of other gay men convicted under the same laws. Cumberbatch expressed his support for the campaign in an email sent to The Hollywood Reporter.
“Alan Turing was not only prosecuted, but quite arguably persuaded to end his own life early, by a society who called him a criminal for simply seeking out the love he deserved, as all human beings do,” he wrote. “Sixty years later, that same government claimed to ‘forgive’ him by pardoning him. I find this deplorable, because Turing’s actions did not warrant forgiveness — theirs did — and the 49,000 other prosecuted men deserve the same.”
An open letter has been addressed to Her Majesty’s Government, imploring young political leaders including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Kate, to see that such convictions are wiped clean, according to the Telegraph. The apology and pardon of Alan Turing are to be welcomed but ignores over 49,000 men who were convicted under the same law, many of whom took their own lives. An estimated 15,000 men are believed to still be alive. The UK’s homophobic laws made the lives of generations of gay and bisexual men intolerable. It is up to young leaders of today including The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to acknowledge this mark on our history and not allow it to stand.
“The Imitation Game” is nominated for a handful of Oscars, including the coveted Best Picture award. On Saturday, ads purchased by the film’s distributor, the Weinstein Company, appeared in newspapers, highlighting the plight of the movie’s protagonist, the New York Times reported.
“Honor this movie. Honor this man. And honor the movement to bring justice to the other 49,000,” the ads read, quoting Human Rights Campaign activist Chad Griffin.

Pizza Condoms, For People Who Like Pizza And Sex

Condoms are important. Pizza is amazing. They are now as one.
The Pizza Condom, created by Russian designer Marina Malygina aims to combine food and sex. It was inspired by an unfunny “Friends” scene. (Is there any other kind of “Friends” scene?)pizza condom
The condom looks, but unfortunately, doesn’t taste, like pizza. It comes in a package that looks like a pizza box.
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