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Neil Patrick Harris Yells At Toddlers Over Thomas The Tank Engine In New Video

In honor of the 70th anniversary of Thomas the Tank Engine, Neil Patrick Harris has teamed up with Funny or Die to show how people can perhaps get a little too #ThomasObsessed. In the video, the actor takes his “tankie” fandom to the next level by losing his cool in a room full of toddlers. Harris explained to HuffPost Entertainment where that line between being enthusiastic and yelling at 6 year olds lies (since Thomas isn’t actually blue):nphWhat made you interested in the project?
I have been trying to do something with Funny or Die for a while. Since, gosh, since back when we did “Prop 8 – The Musical”. [Thomas] seemed like a great fit because my kids love “Thomas the Tank Engine.” We’ve watched a lot of it. And so I thought the notion of sort of riffing on childhood obsessions with Thomas and their 70-year anniversary seemed like a potentially comedic match.Were you always a tankie?
I was familiar with Thomas, but Gideon, our son, got understandably excited by trains when he was 2 or 3. I think many kids are. So I think, from trains, the next logical step is Thomas. And so we had videos playing constantly. They still watch it now. He’s moved onto “Avengers,” but Thomas still chugs along. There’s no doubt. I love “Avengers” so much. That is an awesome path to be on.
Agreed. Although, when he’s in Hulk mode and smashing everything and channeling his 4-year-old rage, I wish he were more like Thomas the Tank Engine and a little bit less like aggressive Hulk the Destroyer. Can you be #TooObsessed with Thomas?
While knowledge of the minutia of Thomas is certainly welcome, the raising the voice, the shouting at people and getting too emotionally attached may be a little bit overkill. Yeah, I think making kids cry over the color of Thomas is probably not something to embrace. True. But to be honest, he is cerulean.
He is cerulean. And how dare they not value the difference, the specificity. What do they think they are? 3?How dare they, indeed. Do you agree, Thomas?Image: GiphyEh … we’ll mark that down as a maybe.

French Director Paul Verhoeven Sues Cannes Film Festival For Rejecting Movie

A French director is suing the Cannes Film Festival for rejecting his work.Paul Verhoeven, 73, who shares the same name as the famous Dutch director behind “Total Recall” and “Robocop,” claims that selectors rejected his film, “Teenagers,” because they were “homophobic,” The Telegraph reports.
The film, which covers a wide array of issues including terrorism, teen sexuality, homophobia and suicide, received poor reviews when it was released in 2009, Variety reports. It did, however, manage to win a few prizes at minor festivals around the world, including best narrative feature at the California Film Awards in 2011.
The trailer is below:
Verhoeven reportedly wants the festival to be forced to show his flick or pay for it to be screened in theaters. A ruling on the lawsuit is due later this month.The Guardian reports:The claims of homophobia against the festival have come as a surprise to many Cannes regulars. Last year, British drama Pride debuted at the festival –- and went on to win the coveted Queer Palm -– while in 2013 the Palme d’Or was won by Blue is the Warmest Colour.

Texas Gets Things Wrong on Marriage

Texas lawmakers are gunning for the judge who let two lesbians to get married. Meanwhile, homophobic lawmakers celebrate the 10th anniversary of the state’s marriage ban. There’s just one problem — the law will probably be overturned before it actuall…

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